Owen L F Wilson

> innovation, technology & knowledge management

Set bold, breathtaking goals that motivate and inspire. Create a culture where people strive to find better solutions and build creative, smart, even surprising partnerships to get there. Use what you know to simplify work and get more out of your existing tools. 

I help organisations use what they know to become more innovative, efficient, satisfying and effective.

My clients include:

UNICEF, IKEA, IOM UN Migration, Shell, The Commonwealth Secretariat, UK Office of Science and Technology, UK Nuclear Safety Directorate, Aventis (Sanofi) Pharmaceuticals, Nissan, Scottish Enterprise, Evonik Degussa, Vodafone, British Airways, Barclays, KPN-Orange, Ricardo, Cadbury...


Article: Interactive Knowledge Products: how to make knowledge more engaging (and stop creating more documents)

Article: Fast web content migration: what went right for a global oil company

Article: The CMG Knowledge Intranet (2020 Edition)

Coming Soon: Ricardo Group “R-Link” Knowledge Portal: an award winning example of DSDM method

Coming 2023: How knowledge management practices contribute to innovation in International Organizations.